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Music Room Expansion Project

Visitors to the Lobkowicz Palace love its "Beethoven Room," where beautiful musical instruments and precious manuscripts are among the most popular objects in the museum.


Music Room Expansion

Current Music Room, Lobkowicz Palace

Current Music Room, Lobkowicz Palace

A central aspect of the family's story––its love for music, and cultivation of it over many centuries––is told here. In this room one can see lutes played by the 4th Prince Lobkowicz and his wife, Beethoven quartets commissioned by the 7th Prince, string and wind instruments employed by the ensembles of the 7th and 8th Princes. But a single room hardly begins to capture the richness of musical life in the Lobkowicz sphere. A new expansion of the music exhibition will unfold additional strands in this narrative, particularly in the realm of opera and theatre. Evidence of an early devotion to opera survives in an important collection of handsomely printed, early 18th-century librettos from the imperial court theatres in Vienna, none of which have ever been exhibited before. At the turn of the 19th century, the 7th Prince Lobkowicz's passion for opera led him to erect theatres in his Vienna palaces and in his Bohemian castles at Roudnice and Jezeří. The new exhibition will offer a glimpse of how opera in the Lobkowicz theatres was produced, with manuscripts of operas by Mozart, Salieri, Paer, and other composers that were actually used by the musicians and singers; inscriptions in vocal parts that identify singers, such as Luigi Bassi (Mozart's first Don Giovanni) and the 7th Prince himself, who took part in the operas; an elegant spinet, built for Prince Lobkowicz in 1799, and used to accompany recitatives in the operas; specially printed librettos that were distributed to members of Lobkowicz audiences; and account records that show payments to musicians, music copyists, costume and staging designers, and other personnel involved with these productions. This opportunity to display and interpret more of the Lobkowicz music collections is unprecedented and will give visitors an unparalleled view of how an aristocratic family helped to create musical culture.

In order to create two new music rooms in the Lobkowicz Palace, the Lobkowicz Collections o.p.s will have to address three distinct aspects to the exhibit: Knowledge, Conservation, and Visualization.

Total Project Cost: EUR 100,000



The curatorial staff have been working with a musical expert, Dr. Kathryn Libin of Vassar College, for the last six years to comprehensively catalogue the musical manuscripts that form an important part of the Lobkowicz Library and Archive.  The results from that research, the selection of objects, and the determination of what stories will be told will require further analysis and review before selecting the very best for permanent public display in the music exhibition. Your contribution will be broken down in the following areas.

  • Curatorial research, content creation and installation

  • Information boards and flyers

  • Administration

  • Travel / accommodation

Estimated Costs:
EUR 20,000

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The musical manuscript collections and the musical instruments will require important and specialized cleaning and conservation in order to be put on permanent display. Works on paper have a limited time in which they can remain exposed to light, requiring facsimiles for certain musical manuscripts and letters that will be rotated in and out of the exhibition, but always allowing visitors access to the widest variety of original works. We must also ensure that optimal lighting is created, not only for the viewing public, but for the long-term preservation of the objects. Creating the ideal environmental conditions for both the manuscripts and musical instruments by introducing new loggers for tracking humidity and new humidifiers will produce optimal climactic results. The conservation and preservation of these very precious and original objects is vital in order to make them fully and safely accessible to the public.

  • Cleaning / repair of instruments

  • Conservation of manuscript scores / facsimiles

  • Loggers / humidifiers

  • Mounts / installation

Estimated Costs: EUR 30,000



Creating an engaging and interactive display is crucial to drawing the attention of the visiting public. The new music rooms are intended to present original instruments, documents and musical manuscripts in an inspiring and dynamic way. The presentation will provide both immersive visual displays and audible experiences that will engage the listeners and simulate the feeling of attending original music premieres.  Your contribution will allow the architects and designers to create dramatic visualizations that will bring never-before-told musical stories to life.

  • Vitrines

  • Interactive screens

  • Music recordings and acoustic guides

  • Lighting

  • Signage / mounts

Estimated costs: EUR 50,000


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